Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The week in knit 9 - Retro Video Game Socks!!

Previously, I've featured one of my favorite sock clubs, the Lord of the Strings done by the Unique Sheep. This week, I'd like to feature another of my favorite sock clubs. They were so good that I re-joined for the second round.

The Retro Video Game sock club by the Serendipitous Ewe (what a mouthful!) has been great for so many reasons. As you can see in my pictures below, the yarns are so fantastic! Each one is a great representation for the video game. And the extras have been so wonderful and creative.

For example, my Raphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yarn (they did 4 colorways, one for each turtle) inclued some pizza shaped & "Toxic Waste" candy!

Sonic The Hedgehog

Donkey Kong - absolutely beautiful!

Not pictured, but shown off beautifully on their blog, was Final Fantasy which was a beautiful light blue.

I'm still so behind in my knitting, so I've only actually worked up one of the club colorways into socks.

My Mario socks!!

I also loved that each package came with a pattern suggestion, of a free pattern available on Ravelry - so you don't feel as much like you have to knit what came with it, and the price of the package isn't inflated for pattern costs. I knit my Mario Socks in something other than the suggested pattern.

I've really enjoyed being in this club, and the forum on Ravelry is so much fun to see people reminisce about old games too :)

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