Sunday, May 16, 2010

The week in knit 8: Sedalia Fiber Festival!

Every year for the last 3 years I have looked forward to this time of year. Partly because it's my birthday, but mostly because it is time for our local Fiber Festival.

Of course, whenever I say that to my non-knitting friends (or muggles) they joke about eating bran flakes or taking Metamucil, and I have to clarify that I'm referring to the equivalent of a Comic Book Convention, but for people who knit, crochet, spin, weave etc.

The Sedalia Fiber Festival is host to many great exhibitors, authors, and classes. There's alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, as much yarn or roving anyone could need, and wheels and looms to spare! Raffle prizes are held throughout the day. This year there were also 3 special raffles. One for a new spinning wheel, one for a loom, and one for a drum carder.

The raffle for the Spinning wheel was pretty intense. These are some of the people waiting to hear the number of the winner.

We also had some raffle prizes which helped raise money for Tyler Peterson. Tyler is an awesome little guy who has a benign brain tumor. When he first started going up to UVA for radiation and saw all the other people having to go through it too, he wanted to help! So he's been collecting toys and donations, and his mother is crocheting hats for other radiation and chemo patients.

I'm really looking forward to delivering this box of donated toys and yarn! I think he'll be really excited :)

I'd like to review some of my treasures from yesterday.

My first purchase was this lovely yarn from Wolle's Yarn Creations. As you can see it has a beautiful, looong color change. She had a Citron knit up in it and it was beautiful. I think that's what I'll make with it as well, I have a brown dress it'll look great with!

I also got *sigh* a new bag. I love bags, I think I've mentioned it...

This bag comes from a local designer, Mariah Clark. It's so pretty!!!

And look at this, there's little loops to rest your DPNs in so they don't get all jumbled up inside. No more having a few stitches drop off!

I was very good, that's all I bought for myself!!!

Dianne bought me this awesome little organizer.

It unfolds, and has a space to put your interchangeable needle points, a zipper pouch for all your notions, and 4 little pockets. It came from Lawre's Laine's booth. Check out those cats!
Dana insisted on buying me something too, even though Dianne had told me the organizer was from both of them. So, she dragged me over to Studio 43's booth and had me select a circular piece that I could use to enhance my shawl pin. I picked one out that looks great with my Traveling Woman shawl.

I had an absolute blast, even if I nearly passed out on the way home. Next year we need to make sure to get the weather to be a little cooler ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

The week in knit 7: You got your pop culture in my knitting! part 2 of 2.

One of my favorite things about knitting (and crocheting, though I can't seem to get it) is that the craft is so versatile, you can fly your geek flag in many different ways and show off all kinds of nerdity.

One of my latest favorites, is Crafty Carla's Amigurumi Pea-shooter from Plants Vs Zombies.

On Etsy you can find all kinds of Amigurumi patterns to make all sorts of stuff.
Chairy from Pee-Wee's Playhouse, a T.A.R.D.I.S from Dr Who, or even a Moogle!

With colorwork, knitting play along too. I think one of the best geeky knitted items ever is the Mario Scarf. I really hope Cass finishes it one day!

I've even gotten in on the action, with my Hermoine hat.



The pattern was written by a HUGE Harry Potter fan before the movie even came out. She did an awesome job for basing it off of just a publicity still!
What geeky craft have you made?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The week in knit 6: You got my knitting in your pop culture!! 1 of 2

Lately, I've been seeing knitting referenced EVERYWHERE.
It all started with my friends featuring this picture of a actress from the show Legend of the Seeker knitting during a break. I might have to have some words with Brian about knitting being "motherly" but that's besides the point ;)

Then, while watching Destination Truth, Ryder saw a huge flock of sheep, and decided she could chase one down and knit sweaters for the whole crew. She wasn't able to catch one, so I guess we'll never know if she can actually knit or not.

This week's episode of Community featured Britta knitting an eye-patch for her new cat. She even defends her hobby to a bunch of high school bullies by saying "Knitting is hip, Wynona Rider knits!"

Is knitting becoming so popular that TV shows will start using it more?
Tune in next week when we flip the tables and look at pop-culture in knitting!