Sunday, May 2, 2010

The week in knit 6: You got my knitting in your pop culture!! 1 of 2

Lately, I've been seeing knitting referenced EVERYWHERE.
It all started with my friends featuring this picture of a actress from the show Legend of the Seeker knitting during a break. I might have to have some words with Brian about knitting being "motherly" but that's besides the point ;)

Then, while watching Destination Truth, Ryder saw a huge flock of sheep, and decided she could chase one down and knit sweaters for the whole crew. She wasn't able to catch one, so I guess we'll never know if she can actually knit or not.

This week's episode of Community featured Britta knitting an eye-patch for her new cat. She even defends her hobby to a bunch of high school bullies by saying "Knitting is hip, Wynona Rider knits!"

Is knitting becoming so popular that TV shows will start using it more?
Tune in next week when we flip the tables and look at pop-culture in knitting!

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