Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Week in Knit 4: More iPhone/touch/pad Apps!

With the iPad's release earlier this week, I thought it might be a good time to review some more knitting related applications available on the ITunes store.

This week I will focus on several free apps.

First off, is "Needles" I like the icon! It's the one with the skull and needles :)

It's basically a way to catalog all your needles. You can enter circulars, straights, and DPN's. Then choose the material, size, and length. I can see how this would be handy if you're out at a yarn shop, and you want to buy all your materials for a project, you can see if you already have suitable needles.

There's also a store locator, but all that really does is open a google map and search for "knitting"

The map doesn't seem to be very accurate ;)

The next one I'll mention is "Row Counter"

It looks pretty neat, just like a real row counter sitting on your needle. To "turn it" you click the little button that red arrow is pointing to. Unfortunately.. I haven't figured out how to make it reset to zero. Also, if you look back at the iPhone screen you can see it shows the number of rows there... which I find annoying.

I like Knit Counter Lite better

It doesn't look quite as neat, but you can hold down the frog button to turn the counter backwards if you need to. Also, I think the paid version lets you have multiple counters.

The Info tab lets you input information about the project
So that part is kind of like the information you would put on your project info page on Ravelry.

Finally, I have Knit Minder lite

This is also similar to the project, stash, and que functions of Ravelry.

I think that aside from the row counters, these applications would be better for people with the iTouch vs. the iPhone. With my phone I can make a shortcut to Ravelry and just get access to my needle, yarn, and project information there on the go.

Please let me know if you have anything you would like me to cover, or would like to be featured in an upcoming issue of TWIK.

Also, I want to give a "shout out" to Knit one Smock Two, a wonderful LYS in Winston Salem North Carolina!! My mom and I were there last week and they were very helpful and nice. I recommend stopping in if you like knitting or sewing, as they have everything you'd need for both.

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